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I am very pleased with the service I received yesterday. I can see and feel a noticeable difference following the back facial and I definitely will be back for another.
Thank you for following up!   - Danielle S.   On Aug 13, 2013, at 5:33 AM
I felt really relaxed after my reflexology treatment.  It was wonderful.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.  So glad I signed up for the package.  
Have a wonderful day.  - Eva  On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 6:53 AM

Yamil: As you are aware the back muscle strain I suffered while on my golf vacation was one of the worst I've ever experienced. I was thinking the rest of the golf season might be in jeopardy. However after those back to back massages with cupping I feel like a new person. I've just returned from a practice session at the driving range where I hit nearly every shot perfectly with no discomfort whatsoever. You are gifted, Yamil, thanks so much. Ray Kobus 7/14/12

"Yamil is a rare jewel-a true healer.  My life started to improve the day I met her!" ...Allison

"You are so special Yamil.  I cannot thank you enough for you being you!  Beyond your educational talents, you have an innate sense of knowing how to help someone heal.  You helped change my life.  Thank you dear friend."...Anne.

"Yamil, I have had many wonderful experiences with you over the years, but one stands out.  I was feeling terrible; one of those bugs that make you ache all over and both my lungs and head were so stuffed up, even breathing was a chore.  I called you to cancel my massage, as I didn't want to pass that wretched affliction on to you (or anybody for that matter), but you insisted that I come, knowing you could ease my symptoms.  First you decided to use that wonderful eucalyptus oil, which really made me feel better.  Then you brought out your tuning forks; found my lung acupressure points and worked your magic.  I could literally feel the congestion boiling out of my lungs!  My head also cleared up and the next morning I was in perfect health.  I have never recovered from that type of malady so quickly.  When I am really hurting, the tuning forks always correct my condition."...Peggy F.

"I went to Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa after taking a nasty fall.  I was out of alignment all over.  After Yamil worked on me, I felt totally better!  And my recovery was speedier.  Now I go to Yamil whenever I need stress relief or pampering."...PS

"Yamil has a wonderful capacity for genuine compassion that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to relax into doing CranioSacral Therapy.  I chose this therapy for what I read about its ability to open and release emotional blockages.  I can say that I have felt myself and my body to be treated in a sacred manner and one that honored how such a healing may not be an easy journey and how it could be filled with some fear.  Under Yamil's comforting hands, I have always felt myself to be safe and protected as I allowed this healing journey to unfold.  And I can very happily say that I am seeing many wonderful results in my increasing capacity to have my body come alive and feel more vibrant.  I am more rooted into my right to be who I am and to expect good things to come into my life.  I am so glad that I found Yamil and I look forward to what this healing journey will further manifest into my life!  Thank you Yamil, for the wonderful healing you are providing to me!"...John B.

"Intuitive therapist-Effective results-Zen like atmosphere are thoughts that come to mind when I describe Healthy Living Therapeutics.  A session with Yamil is a healing experience...Whether your body is feeling out-of-synch and requires reflexology or you just want quiet relaxation through gentle massage and aromatherapy, this is the place to be.  I have been a client for about seven years now and I would highly recommend the experience at Healthy Living to anyone.  It's name is a true description of its offerings!"....Mary J.

"You have magical hands.  I become so relaxed during and after a massage that I don't consider it to be an indulgence-I consider it to be preventative mental and physical treatment.  You're aslo a pleasure to talk to-you provide a warm and loving atmosphere."..Anne Macinnis

"For years I suffered with a painful neck and left shoulder.  After seeing doctors I decided to try Healthy Living Therapeutics and had Yamil work on me for four weeks.  The experience was wonderful and I have been pain free for over one year."...JGo

"Yamil is an exceptional healing arts professional.  She is kind, gentle, generous and very dedicated to her work and her clients.  Thank you Yamil.  Keep up your great work.  You are a blessing to this world."...With gratitude, Christina.

"I have had many massages in the past, at some very expensive spas, but I must say that I have gotten my best massage at the Healthy Living Spa.  Yamil is incredibly talented and understands just what your body needs.  I always come out feeling refreshed and renewed.  Her prices are most reasonable especially for the high quality of her expertise.  I also had a very good facial experience with one of her estheticians."...O.D.

"Yamil has been gifted with healing hands and a loving heart that treats the whole person!"...Fran Jennings, LMSW

"The staff at Healthy Living are terrific.  Have been there quite a few times and have had a wonderful experience each and every time."... Eddie O.

"YAMIL, Your craniosacral work is so soothing and relaxing it provided me with a dreamlike state of being.  When the session was over I couldn't believe I was on the table that long, it only seemed like a few minutes of sweet serenity!"...Donald

"Our members look forward to Yamil's visits to the Center.  Her 'Mind, Body & Spirit' group program brings them in tune with their bodies while lifting their spirits.  Their session with Yamil helps to create a positive day for them to look forward to."... Gail Speranza, Executive Director-Double Day Babcock Senior Center

"Working with Yamil at the Green Living Expo has been a pleasure.  Her booth was always packed and everyone left looking very satisfied"....Lee Sommers, Event Manager

"I have been going to see Yamil at Healthy Living Therapeutic for the last two years.  Each tiime the experience has been soothing and therapeutic.  I have recommended a number of clients to the center"...Jacques Jourdan

"Why go anywhere else...when we have Healthy Living Therapeutic right here in Syosset, NY."...Matt M.

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